Putting your horse to stud

Putting your horse to stud

  • Helping cats with kidney disease using stem cell therapy

    Chronic kidney issues are common in older cats and are a growing problem for cat owners as better cat food and practises in pet ownership have lead to pet cats living much longer and more comfortable lives. Additionally some breeds are vulnerable to kidney disease.  There is a growing body of research into how stem cell therapy through a place like Greenside Regenerative Therapies can be used to help cats with kidney disease.

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Putting your horse to stud

When you have a horse that has had a long and successful career as a racer, you can often make just as much money when the horse retires and goes to stud. The new stage of the horses life needs to be managed differently to their previous life as a racer. It can be useful to get a vet assessment to ensure that they are in prime stud condition and to get advice on the best food and exercise routine for them during this time. This blog should be useful for anyone looking to explore the idea of putting their horse out to stud.